Sole Elegance was birthed by Registered Nurse and licensed Nail Care Specialist Leah Little, with the purposes of educating both men and women on ways to promote healthy nail growth, strengthening alternatives for weak, thin, or brittle nails, as well as how to maintain the appearance of beautiful nails, hands and feet. She understands that nails reveal a lot about the body’s internal health and potential problems; therefore, she believes that proper care of the hands, feet, and soul are key essentials to good health.

At Sole Elegance, we pride ourselves on providing professional, quality, and sanitary service.

Customer Reviews

"Leah is the best, her nail service is excellent. I would recommend her, she will make your nails Pop. Great work!! I'm happy to be back!!!" -Lee Saunders

"I would definitely recommend Leah she provides excellent customer service and professionalism. My nails look out of this world now!" -Anissa S.

"Leah provided the best nail service I've had in a while!! She took her time with my service and I loved the results!!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a change in nail technician!!!" -Allison A

"Leah has a new regular client :-)! I had such a pleasant experience during my appointment. Leah is personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend her business to anyone seeking a professional, personable technician!" -Chevaun W

"Leah is not only personable but very professional and knowledgeable. She provides nail care advice and the treatment was impeccable. Will definitely return!"-Nicole Alexis

"I truly enjoyed my time and the service was excellant. Leah is a great nail tech and a very nice person. I am new to the area and she made me feel right at home." -C.M.

"Wonderful. I never have to wait, she doesn't rush through the process, provides good advice about your nail care, has a large variety of color and types of nail processes. She is professional and has a great personality." -G.K.

"Great service, relaxing atmosphere... my feet are feeling great. Leah is wonderful with warm personality and smile. My feet are always smiling and very happy....try it!" -Corene M.

"I would highly recommend all the servicesSole Elegance offer. I believe I've been having my nail care provided for almost three years and I wouldnt have anyone else but Leah Little as my nail specialist. As always A+ service and a warm, calm and home like atmosphere! She's always up to date with all the latest colors, styles and methods!" -Melisa Constanza

"I recently received services from Leah. I was very pleased with the services. The nail spa was very clean and Leah is very professional. She gives you advice on the care of your nails and assist you with colors. She is also very good at blending colors . I selected a blended color. I will be returning. :-)" -Lulee

"I have found a new home for my nail care needs!! Not only is Sole Elegance reasonably priced, but the salon is super-clean and Leah is extremely professional. She knows her stuff and doesn't hesitate giving you advice on how to maintain your nails. I definitely recommend Sole Elegance!!" -N. Cheeks

"Ms. Leah is a true professional. She knows her craft & has a large selection of nail colors. She is respectiful of her clients & their time & the salon is clean, peaceful, and comfortable. She also has a great sense of humor." -Gwen Kerrick

'Great experience! Great conversation. Leah always gives service with a smile. Feet feel great! Very timely! Looking forward to future appt. Take care and thanks!" -Corene M.

"Sole Elegance provides a small intimate peace of tranquility. Leah is an expert of her craft, and not only delivers top notch service, but educates on health nails. She's patient, professional & personable. Care is taken in every aspect of the experience, including the preparation (sterilization, cleanliness, and smooth, soothing sounds). My nails have never looked so good. Each day I'm pleasantly surprised by the way they still are fresh as the day they were done. S.E also = SOUL ELEGANCE :)" -Dr. Tasha

"Sole Elegance is not just a nail salon, its a sanctuary. I was referred to the shop because I loved Leah's work and often complimented my friend on her nails, what I found though is that it's more than just nails. I love the entire experience, the personalized attention, the alone time versus a bustling salon or "spa", the nail education, and the great conversation. The time I spend at Sole Elegance has really proved to be therapeutic. Thank you, Leah!" -Marie

"Sole Elegance came up on CND's website as one of the recommended salon's for Shellac, which I was very interested in trying. I was so glad I waited to sync up with Leah at Sole Elegance as it was easily the best experience I've ever had at a nail salon. She is the consummate professional and was very calming and educating during the entire process. I absolutely adore my nails and her spirit." -Cindy

"I received a gift certificate for Sole Elegance and what a gift it was! Leah is a consummate professional with passion for her work. She took time to explain different options and even did a last minute repair as I was on my way out of town for a wedding. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing and I felt truly pampered and special. When you love what you do, it shows and Sole Elegance is a prime example." -Ayanna C.

"I truly enjoyed my experience at Sole Elegance. I felt rested and renewed after my manicure and pedicure. Leah's passion for her profession is a true asset and she pampers you and makes you feel special. I will continue to have Leah give me my spa experience." -T.R.

"Sole elegance does a wonderful job and provided the best experience. I really love my nails and the professional, friendly and personal experience I receive. It's very difficult to receive that today. I recommend her 100%." -Aisha B.

"I really love my Sole Elegance treats as I like to cal them. I walk out of a spa meni/pedi feeling utterly relaxed and refreshed. Leah is such a great care giver and her passion for her work always shines through. I agree with Ms. Sheila, she does make you feel like you are the only client she has :)" -Nneka C.

"Leah – the GEM behind the name is sheer perfection! I am very impressed with the service and the treatment I received at Sole Elegance. Leah’s professionalism and her knowledge of the importance for having healthy nails is paramount. She makes you feel like you are the only client she has. Thanks, Leah!" -Ms. Sheila

"I enjoy every visit to Sole Elegance. Ms. Little treats her clients with exceptional professionalism and makes them feel important as soon as they enter her establishment. She's always offering helpful tips on how to care for your hands and feet. I prefer Sole Elegance's services over other establishments and will always choose them. Thank you Leah!" -Carla A

"Before going away on vacation I went to Sole Elegance and I was more than pleased with not only my pedicure but with Leah's outstanding customer service! Leah wants her customers to have healthy skin and nails, and not just be aesthetically pleasing. She used the best products, and her knowledge of how to maintain healthy nails is priceless!" -Kerri

"Ms. Leah always does a great job and is very attentive to your needs. She has been this way since she first started her business. This is what good customer service is all about." -Arlene Brwon

"I receive exceptional service with every visit. I am so satisfied and impressed that I purchased gift certificates as Christmas gifts this year. This is definitely one of the area jewels!!!"
-Gayle Andrews

"The elegance and warmth of Ms. Leah was and is very classic. I could not ask for more. She took her time to explain her process then nurtured my hands and feet with a Mani and pedi from heaven. She is truly blessed in her craft. I foresee an abundance for her and her business because she is just blessed at what she does. May I add there was just one on one time, no rushing, just a personal pampering time. I am so satisfied!" -Allison W.

"I had a pedi and manicure. Both services were great, the atmosphere and Leah's attitude and professionalism was refreshing. I found a new place for my mani/pedi services!! Thanks again Leah." -S.A.

"My experience at Sole Elegance was very wonderful I enjoyed Leah so is a very good a patient person she make sure that you are happy and give you everything that you need. She aims to please. I found a new home to get pampered. I will be her no 1 customer from here on out." -Nicole S.

"I recently had a manicure and pedicure, it was a wonderful experience. Great atmosphere, love the music and Leah is warm and gentle. Thanks for everything!" -C.M.

"I don’t think I have ever seen such an efficient, smooth-running operation. This is apparent at all stages, but I was particularly impressed with the examination of each piece of equipment that you used to perform the pedicure. I waited one week from the date of services to respond to my visit. Not only is your operation outstanding, so is your products. My feet are still looking great. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be served by you." -L.T.

"I have been going to Sole Elegance for over a month now getting top quality manicures and I am hooked! Everything about the services are awesome (i.e., manicure, atmosphere, etc.). Leah has such a caring and gentle spirit that it transcends throughout the atmosphere. I have introduced my friend to Sole Elegance and she is hooked as well. Highly recommend that others give it a try." -Tammy Burton

"I really enjoyed my manicure & paraffin treatment at Sole Elegance! The atmosphere is very inviting and Leah is gentle and pleasant providing a comfortable and classy environment. Sole Elegance is my #1 choice for spa quality manis & pedis and I can't wait to go back for my next service!" -Veronica A.

"Leah runs a classy business. Her nail care knowledge is second to none! Leah is professional and pleasant. Her place of business is so comforting and inviting. It's a treat that I look forward to every other week." -Donita Smith

"I enjoyed my "pamper" time with Leah. It is always a pleasure to be in her presence. Had an opportunity to learn even more about nail care. Sole Elegance is a real treat! Keep up the good work girlie." -Linda Logan

"I truly enjoyed the one on one interaction, and the time Leah took educating me about good nail care. This was my first time using the lacquer polish and I absolutely love it. I must say I am truly impressed." -N. Roache

"I've been visiting Sole Elegance for the past 4 months and have always had a wonderful experience. I'm always amazed at Leah's extensive knowledge of nail care and health. I've always received amazing service. Prior to coming to Sole Elegance, my nails were so unhealthy. Leah taught me how to take better care of my nails, hands and feet. Sole Elegance is simply top notch!" -L.M.

"Leah is wonderful. The experience was relaxing and left my feet looking and feeling great. The quality of the service was far better than services I've received at local day spas and on par with the services I've received at upscale resort spas. Leah is very knowledgeable, punctual and welcoming." -KLM

"I really lucked up with finding Sole Elegance. After being unable to get in touch with another spot I had recently tried, i found Sole Elegance on a beauty blog. Long story shortened, the entire experience from the first hello to the last stroke of polish on my nails was nothing short of inviting, professional and highly personalized... i felt like my time was just th(a)t MY time to be taken care of. A sheer joy!" -K.M.

"Leah is the best! I've been struggling with dry skin for a really long time...the podiatrist and the dermatologist could not help me, but thanks to Leah...my feet are in the best shape ever!" -Sharday M

"I hated the assembly line feeling I would get at other nail salons, so I was looking for something a lot more personal. I found that and more at Sole Elegance. The excellent service combined with the relaxing atmosphere was perfect." -Najah Ryles

"If you're looking for superb treatment and the ultimate pampering experience, you've got to check out Sole Elegance. Impeccable work, serene surroundings and uber clean environment. I'm a repeat customer and can't go anywhere else." -Nneka Chiazor

"Sole Elegance never fails to provide excellent customer service. Combine soothing music, pampering, relaxing environment and a great mani/pedi service, and a Wednesday evening can feel like a Sunday afternoon. What I love best about Sole Elegance is Leah's desire to always stay on trend in the industry, with with seasonal colors, changing techniques, and new products." -Krystal Ferguson

"I was impressed with the services provided, and especially with the cleanliness. Those things made the beautiful surroundings and the overall atmosphere a very pleasant experience. I plan to retain Sole Elegance for future services." -Charles Ferguson

"I was very satisfied with my services received from Sole Elegance. The entire experience was professional and fulfilling. The atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing. I will continue to use the services of Sole Elegance." -Morgan Anderson

"Sole Elegance is a well run business. The owner is very professional, efficient and considerate. The services offered are top notch. Sole Elegance is definitely a "hidden treasure" for the DC Metro area..." -Sheila Brooks

"Yesterday was my first experience with Sole Elegance. Well it was nothimg short of AMAZING! I loved the service. She was professional and timely. I felt like I was at the spa. I can't wait until next time." -Briana Young

"My experience was wonderful. I always get a very warm welcome when I enter the door of this business. Ms. Little is always kind and her goal is to please her customers. I recommend Ms. Little to many of my friends." -Ester & Linda Saunders Logan

"Quality services with a personal touch is what you can expect when you receive services at Sole Elegance. Leah Little is professional and prompt. She is willing take you out of your comfort zone with an elegant splash of color. I have been going to Sole Elegance for about two years and I have always been extremely satisfied with the services provided." -Shanda Gottlieb

"The total experience was outstanding. From the warm welcome to the establishment upon entering to the big smile on my face when I left signifying my satisfaction with the service I received. I highly recommend Ms. Leah Little, sole proprietor of Sole Elegance of Glenn Dale, MD." -Mildred Jones


Beautiful Sole,

Thank you for your interest in Sole Elegance (SE). SE is on the verge of expansion and is currently accepting new clients by referrals only. Feel free to contact us with your information and we will alert you as soon as we are able to welcome you to the SE family. Thank you for your interest and please visit our site regularly to read our Simply Beautiful blog.

Elegantly Yours,
Leah Little Owner/Nail Care Specialist

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